My Favorite Pet peeve


Today i just gonna write something provocative.

When the public is too consumed by idolatry of the wickedness of the showbiz industry we fail to understand the true meaning and concept of why people in the business do what they do.

One of the biggest challenges so far is to separate ourselves from the lifestyle that we usually see, from these people who promote themselves far beyond the norms of society, crossing the lines, calling their accounts with “official” on it, throwing thank you’s as if they are celebrities or even popular personalities, or worst, ranting something unbelievable.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against these kind of people but to be fair lets take a look on how some celebrated individuals i know gained a lot of followers and trust in the mainstream media and social platforms.

1. They worked so hard to get in.

2. They manifest the characteristics and essentials of why they are called “celebrities”

3. They earned it, again through hardwork and dedication.

So please, whenever you go online, make sure your posts are worth reading, inspiring and all.

Stop making us believe that you are a “made it” . Your works will tell us that.

That’s all. 😉


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