Gay Relationships Don’t Last Because….

Disclaimer: Hi! This is Ian Galsim. I am not a professional writer neither a good blogger. I’m just trying to share my thoughts here. If you have any stories that you would like to share, kindly email me at . Thanks! 🙂

This is a deep and complex issue, so I am only going to scratch the surface. Here are my top five reasons why gay relationships generally don’t work out and what YOU can do to prevent it.

1. We Don’t Believe In Dating Anymore

Let’s say Martin goes to the club. Martin meets Anthony, they dance, they chill, they get to know each other. Two things are probably going to happen. Either they are going to exchange numbers and hook up later or they are going to go to one’s place and hook up there. They have sex and several days later, they are a couple. A couple weeks later, they break up and bitter  Martin is back at the club.

Now for some people, they are not really relationship material and they are aware, so they don’t seek relationships, they just want to hook up (like having Grndr, PR and all that Gay apps) and that’s the end.But if you are looking for a relationship, the FIRST thing you need to do is to get to know the person.Dating is like an interview for a job.

You need to know who you are dealing with and be honest with who you are. Too often men try to be who they are not to please someone they are interested in and that never good. Engage in good conversations and ask questions. (talking about sex on the first couple of conversations is a NO NO!). Get to know his friends and family. Take NOTES!

Sustain from having sex! I know this is hard for some who have a higher sex drive but trust me, if the person is worth it, the sex is going to be awesome. You don’t have to sleep with every dude that you meet. Get to know him a little while longer. One thing I have realize is that a REAL man will respect you a whole lot more when you do this. (it is in my 30s that i only realised this! haha) But go , Do IT!

Lastly, you should not be looking for love in the CLUB. YOU SHOULD NOT BE LOOKING FOR LOVE IN THE CLUB! I do understand that for some people, the clubhouse is where the gays are most likely to congregate but you can meet that special someone ANYWHERE.(Church, Grocery Store, Neighborhood, School, Gym) Get out and get a life!

2. It’s ALL About You And Not US!

For some of us, we are used to be alone and independent. We are used to going out and not having to worry about that significant other at home. The thing is, when you are in a relationship, it’s no longer about YOU. In a healthy relationship, you can have a romantic relationship but still enjoy the company of your friends. The key is prioritizing your relationships. Your relationship with family, your relationship with your friends and your relationship with your significant other. Set out and communicate with your partner. Allow each other to have a life outside of the relationship but keep that communication OPEN! Be honest with each other!

3. The Grass Is Always Greener.. (or There’s always so many Fish in the sea)

This is a major problem for us gay man, we think the grass is always greener on the other side. You been with Marci for a while now and the ‘honeymoon’ stage has long worn off. You been checking Johnathan out and on the surface it seems that he got it going on. Nice house, nice job, nice car, always rocking the latest threads but what you don’t know is he got bad credit, He is about to get evicted from that house he is renting, His car is in danger of being reposed and he is THIS close to losing that job! But you don’t see it and cheat on Jerry with Johnny Boy. We ALL know how that ends.

. Don’t fall for that facade!

Also know that relationships are not forever. You have some people who come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime and then there is life.. Know the difference and learn as you go. You might get hurt but MOVE ON and don’t cling to the past!

4.Guys Want Too Damn Much But Can’t Match Up

You want a man with a good job, but you don’t have a job. You want a man with a nice car, but you ride the MRT. You don’t want him to cheat or lie but ALL your relationships failed because you did both. He has to be model material, a certain height, a certain build and he MUST be masculine.

And you wonder why you are STILL single and lonely..

You can’t demand what you don’t have. If you want all of those things (some which is just plain unrealistic and shallow), you must be able to match up. I am not saying that you have to setting for less, but at least inspire to be what you asking for in a man. Understand that you may not get what you want on that imaginary list. Be CAREFUL what you ask for.

Dig a little deeper. Does he has dreams and goals? Is he putting it into action? What is his mental state like? Make sure he respects you. Make sure he is good to his mama. Have morals and standards. That kind of thing.

5. You Don’t Even Know Or Love Who YOU Are.

Before you can even THINK about a relationship, you need to KNOW who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be your OWN person. We all have our types but there is nothing sexier then a man who can stand on his own and is CONFIDENT (NOT COCKY). When you have figure out who you are, LOVE yourself! Like Rupaul says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the HELL is somebody gonna love you?”

The TRUTH is NO MAN on this earth can love you better then you can love yourself. Start by taking a good long look in the mirror and if there is something you want to change or don’t like, CHANGE IT! Pray over what you can’t change and KNOW the difference.

Tell yourself in that mirror that you love yourself and that you are responsible for your OWN happiness! Take YOURSELF out on a date. Treat yourself every now and then! Be GOOD to yourself and when you DO find that good man, treat him the way you will treat yourself.


There are millions of reason as to why gay relationships don’t work out. Gay people struggle to nurture their relationships in a society that still offers none of the same support heterosexual couples value. There are internal and external problems faced by two men or two women as they create a life together, that heterosexual couples might just never experience. Some of these may even be subconscious.

A few examples:

-inability to marry under the law

-issues preventing couples from adopting

-conflicting feelings based on religious beliefs

-parents unacceptability of child’s homosexuality

-society’s views/beliefs of homosexual relationships

-lack of visible examples of long lasting gay relationships

-subconscious self-sabotaging of relationships based on years of negative internalising


The truth is, there are many, many gay relationships out there that have survived longer than most heterosexual marriages. These are sadly hidden from both the homosexual and gay community. It is possible to find the special someone who is suitable for a healthy relationship.

*Inspired article from theluckystar 



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213 thoughts on “Gay Relationships Don’t Last Because….

  1. Jay says:

    Ang galing… on point sa maraming bagay… tamado sa linyang to “You can’t demand what you don’t have. If you want all of those things (some which is just plain unrealistic and shallow), you must be able to match up.” Kaya siguro kailangan ko na talagang ayusin ang buhay ko… at kung pagdating nun eh mbgyan ako ng panahong makilala ka eh up to par na ang credentials ko hehe… hayyy… btw your pic with the star wars light saber, kahawig mo si atom araullo… 🙂

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  3. Anonymous says:

    For another note,it is NOT about ones age difference, body shape, style, or likeness thereof, it is not about anything in ANY relationship EXCEPT the pure and simplicity of: can two understand and realize what life is about (on a higher or any kind of level mutually no others realize yet), they both are opened to accepting change AND allowing that inevitable change to allow them grow and change TOGETHER, is there a connection of an ultimate of sense as I have witnessed once before, but seeing is how it was not explainable, it frightened him to a point, but is that connection severed? Each time we’ve attempted saying “bye”, both of us get physically sick inside, no matter cities and states apart. Is THE couple (any orientation, race, creed, etc) capable of not allowing outside interferences to come between them two, and/or let’s NOT forget are all the ingredients necessary present in that unity? Such as is spontaneity present which helps keep the “fun” and youthfulness of the connection alive like a spontaneous fire flame? There’s far more greater and in depth things that may or may not be understood yet between two HUMANS that happens in a soul mate type couple. In fact, did you know or realize BEFORE times of deodorants and such, humans based attraction more off ones reactions and drawing to another by their scents and sense of smell? It isn’t about ones looks as those fade and ones looks leads to ultimate of ego problems and let’s say in my experiences, those with overinflated egos can (and do) get brought down some notches in life experiences on their part that makes them realize they are only human after all, not better or worse than any other, but equal….equal to the same heartaches, burns, mishaps, and all that any straight, married, young, bored husband can make by his mistress perhaps say (since beginning of history) become hurt and vengeful or the scorned wife for that matter. Case in point, this article is outdated, old mundane ways of viewing things, a sign of spiritual and psychological immaturity, and just down right another stemming branch from the tree of judgment/sin….and down right blatantly revolting for this species to continue such a charade for being the so called top of the food chain, when in actuality is the single handed destroyer of all that surrounds him, in his lacking of sights.

  4. Anonymous says:

    First off, in my just now finding this link from Pinterest, you’re in error for this article has some fault; which stems from the predominant of society “judging”, “labeling”, AND “classifying” all of a species, creed, race, etc. into ONE. NOT all homosexuals, or as deemed by my Native American Indian ancestors “double spirited and special ones”, fall into the category of meeting folks on night clubs. In fact, MANY of us REFUSE to go to them. Secondly, it’s not all about the sex either!! That’s a major error on your part and others whose view is the same. There comes a time when those of you who are evolved, enlightened, and passed the “mundane” stage realize there are connections of an ultimate nature; being psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical…and once you share in that experience in life,it changes the ways one views (and interacts) with others of the same species, no matter how judged we are by our fellow humans! The question is here, “Who is the most humane?” Thirdly, it is NOT all about ones self, but about a mutuality in which one looks out for the other and vice versa, kind of like them two against the world, if that’s what it takes…and quite frankly, that’s EXACTLY what it takes since so many gay couples do NOT have friends of the same creed or sexual orientation for often times, this species tends to find too much “jealousy”….one of same orientation would have of a “happy couple” since he/she does not have that, but wants it. Then, the games and drama begins. Hence, MANY of us “gays” find ourselves having straight friends for various reasons and that includes the reasons listed above….and then some! Like how many of our straight friends are genuinely happy for us and we share in a connection that reaches beyond our own bio blood families that judge, shun, discriminate against us, and often more than that….all from who we are “taught” during child rearing stages that “we need to love and be there for our family for they’ll be there when no one else will”…. Is this true? Nope. All too often our own blood ties are the first ones to hurt us and not to mention hurt us more than anyone else and not blink twice about it. Case in point, on Pinterest one of my boards is titled: Love is THE language. In it is described no matter your race, species, creed, orientation, etc it is about the LOVE! It features pins if straight, gay, lesbian couples along with humans with their pets, which whom by the way have UNCONDITIONAL love and acceptance of us…so why not our own hypocritical, judgmental species, and even animals of various species ALL combined into sharing and showing one thing in common….LOVE. So, for past, present, AND future tenses, let’s make it clear your article MAY describe many, may describe a majority of a given portion of a species, orientation, class, etc, but let’s NOT throw everyone into ONE classification or label!!! This is where humans make errors and this includes ones such as yourself and like yourself that REFUSE to grow, accept and embrace CHANGE as the ONLY guaranteed constant in life and realizing you need to change your ways….ways in which you view/see fellow HUMANS, ways in which you understand what happens between two adults and humans, your shared species, change in the mannerisms of the mundane and step up, evolve, enlighten yourself to what’s surrounding us all, realizing we all are in this together, understanding it is the heterosexuals that gave this nation the divorce rate it has, broken homes that has led to homosexual couples adopting and saving the broken lives of children, and studies have shown that in spite of children of same sex couples having “more bullying (that stems from and starts at home)”, children of same sex couples excel greater in levels of academics, scholarly, and more….compared to their peers. Why? Maybe that teaching of (and witnessing from home) the mannerisms of unconditional love and acceptance?

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  6. The difficulty I found with a gay dating in a Gay clubs is where do people go to meet people? It feels like such a closed circle sometimes and after a while of trying, I just revert back to my comfortable circle of hanging out with friends than venturing out to meet strangers.

  7. Samuel says:

    Nice observation. point well taken. We should learn to love ourself first, before loving somebody else. Live life until the right one comes along. Just turned 30 and still looking for that special someone.

  8. Xander says:

    I was smiling while reading the whole article. It tickled my brain and started realizing, “Okay, I am guilty of doing that.” Nice read.

  9. Lost Man says:

    Love the quick learning interesting article. However, there is something which is easy to say than done. “Start by taking a good long look in the mirror and if there is something you want to change or don’t like, CHANGE IT!”.

    We lived for like 20 and more years for having our own special character and behaviour and its hard to change for who we are. We all have different family background and we grow up differently. Either with or without family’s proper love.

    Not all of us can easily feel confident that easily. Feelings like jealousy that causes hatred and anger comes naturally and is hard to control.

    ANyways, thanks for this amazing article! ^^

  10. Erick says:

    Love your article and you made a very clear point. My partner and I have reached our 25-year happily-live-in anniversary and we’re both still happy together and proud of it even we don’t want to legally get married. It’s very rare for gays and especially for Asians like ourselves.

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  12. K in JKT says:

    Reading your writing was one great thing, but reading all these comments were another thing ! Love and hate collide.. Hahahaha… Anyway…
    Thank you for writing your thoughts.. I found them very make sense and true! I bookmarked your blog and read it over or passed it to my social circle..
    My take was and always be the difficult part is to have the feeling of contentment. Always looking for a greener grass is totally me. I hate to admit this, but yeah part of my Virgo effects..
    Well, learning and learning.. That’s what I am doing now and your blog do give me one lesson or two.. So thanks once more !

    Single and ready to mingle,

    K in JKT.

  13. 1 says:

    Satan set out to destroy God’s foundation which is man by confusion. Women now look to be with women because the so-called men are all glued together. Homosexuality is a gender disease inflicted by evil.Turn from your wicked ways, please! I love you. Dad…

  14. Now in my 20th year with the man I am now (legally) married (part of the 18k club in CA when it was legal for like 6mos in ’08), I find that the simplest (though sometimes hardest) part to a successful relationship is to find that someone who puts your needs above his own. And likewise, his should rise above yours. I am my husband’s first thought whenever we consider something together, and he is mine. We haven’t had a knock down drag out anything in the twenty years we’ve been together. Possibly because he’s slightly older than myself, more seasoned, temperate (though with no less passion where required) and allows me to ramble and spin out in my own drama before he throws himself (sometimes bodily) into the mix – completely obliterating my spiral and then we’re left in a quietude where there is just him and there’s just me.

    Love has no pride… isn’t that how the song goes. Yeah, well, for him I’d do anything. And I know in my heart of hearts he does for me. Do we quibble, sure. All couples do. But we made a solemn vow not to have anything take away what we have pledged to one another – that vow is sacred above all others. It’s kept us together. More than any religion he is my faith. He has my trust.

    I make sure that his is the first voice I hear in the morning and last one I hear at night – as cliched as that sounds (even when we’re apart). It’s called loving and caring, people – unconditionally, irrevocably and unrelentingly.

    If we weren’t so caught up in the whole ageist trap of trying to cling to our youth, we might see the wisdom of those who have lived beyond those years – I tend to seek those people out. My husband grounds me – keeps me safe, keeps me sane. If what Ian outlines is the current state of dating out there – I am only all to happy to be secure in the home I’ve built with him.

    I try to impart some of this to the younger guys – not the club kids cause they aren’t looking for love, despite what they say on the matter. But those men and boys who have an eye to the future – yeah, those guys I willingly give my ear and heart to. They’re like me. Just want a piece of that relationship pie – something to savor as the years go on.

    Do I worry at times that it will all end and I’ll be alone or sadly he will. You betcha. But it’s a worry I can live with; it’s a worry I can carry. Because I have to. I do it for him. I do it for us.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have been in a gay relationship for 11 years and love every minute of it. We’re still as strong as the day we met. I find that the best relationship is not difficult to service. Sure you have to win some and lose some, take the good with the bad… But hey, that’s life. Good communication is the key, talk to one another, don’t bottle things up and explode at the last minute. Have fun with each other, yourself and your friends. Have a joint bank account, throw everything you have into the relationship melting pot… That way your partner knows you mean the world to them. Enjoy spending valuable time with them every day. Imagine your life in years to come with them right beside you. This is what peace and love feel like and I’m grateful to have both every single day. (A proud gay Aussie). 😀

  16. northdog says:

    I liked this article and agree with most points. I also agree with a lot of the follow up replies. But I would like to suggest that monogamy is not the only answer to a happy relationship. When you brake it down, monogamy falls into possession, insecurity or selfishness.

    A partner is not yours to “own”, hopefully you both enjoy each others company and each bring qualities to the relationship.

    Insecurity shows up when you’re concerned that they will leave you for another. Work on making the relationship work. You can never guarantee that they wont leave you for another but the concept of “locking up” your partner is not the answer.

    Selfishness shows up when you believe that you are the only one that can satisfy your partner sexually. Understand that sex is physical and love is emotional. “Sex” is a physical act that can be experienced in many ways and with others but doesn’t impact on the “love” you have for your partner. No different than doing other physical activities without your partner. “Love” is formulated over time and trust within the relationship.

    As long as both partners discuss the “rules” of an “open relationship” and both truly agree with them, then open relationships can work. Partners will always have lust for others, curiosity on unfulfilled experiences that may not be achieved with your partner, so to deny your partner to these for the rest of your relationship is unrealistic. They either deny their urges, cheat or keep thinking about what is denied to them.

    Why would you want to deny the one to love to have a fun experience sexually if it doesn’t impact on your relationship. As long as you both enjoy your time together, don’t fret on sex they may have with others when you’re not available.

    I look forward to the responses I get from these ideas and hope that the grammar police look at the context instead of content because I’m sure to have made some mistakes – cheers .

  17. I 100% love this article. The truth is that a lot of relationships fail for these reasons regardless of sexual preference. BUT it is wildly uplifting to see someone posting from this particular view point. THANK YOU! This was very well thought out. ^____^

  18. justin says:

    as a single boi, I personally, hadnt thought about a few of the points the above writer made. I slightly disagree about not searching for love tho, bc I hardly look, and I believe that’s my biggest problem. aside from this one truth, I thought this article was awesome.

  19. Alex says:

    It’s really sad for those that have nothing better then to pick at grammar and not pay attention to the content (those blind homos are missing the point and most likely will end up alone)! really, is it so important that every word be perfect? Its kind of that same overall line he just got done talking about “wanting the perfect person” does the grammar need to be perfect to get the content across to many of you for acceptance? It’s so frustrating to deal with small minded people like that, there are so many out there with this mentality! I think he got the point across just fine, you all seem to understand what he was trying to say right?? Right!

  20. Fernando says:

    I definitely liked the article and I found that many things said are worth to “re think” about.
    I value the effort of the writer, his honesty and transparency. But, as a NON NATIVE English speaker, I have to tell to “some” of you what I believe.
    Many criticised the grammar when that was already pointed up by the author, as a weakness, even after that, the same “some” in the first 20 that I’ve read, decided to go on a “grammar display” which was very interesting for me, but for most of you, if native speakers probably unnecessary.
    BTW, if anybody is interested in improving his grammatical knowledge, I am not certainly the right person to choose for help. But if you “insist”, I could suggest a couple of hundreds books, texts, articles, pamphlets and whatsoever that I have had to read, during this eternal odyssey of learning a second language 🙂
    Maybe we should consider little details like this in order to understand even more how difficult could be a relationship.

  21. Reading DIREKIANGALSIM replies is making my night. Nice to see a bit of irreverence directed back at the haters. 🙂
    I had to lol at number one. I don’t know if it was meant to be funny or not, but it’s so true.
    Amen to that, brother.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with the premise of this article. Gay relationships often DO WORK. Though there is a lot of good advice here. You CAN meet good men in the club! Check the grammar before posting to the WWW!

  23. alrust says:

    I am just wondering why you would even think that the gays have a monopoly on the issues you pointed out. I think these are found in non-gay relationships as well.

  24. William says:

    I’d never considered myself lonely until I read this. I don’t think about it much because i have great friends, a busy life and lots of fun. I’m generally too happy go lucky for my own good.

    I have a lot of friends because I care and have a lot of patience and a positive attitude. I know I’m not a shallow or materialistic person. I don’t have a type I just know what I like when I see it. People with similar interest’s and core values appeal to me. Perhaps I’m taking this too literally but.. I’ve been cheated on and lied to by every guy I’ve ever dated. I wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone I respected so little to do that. I’d break up with them if I wanted to be with somebody else.

    I don’t know why I’ve taken this so personally. And to your credit this has received a lot of praise.

    But homosexual relationships last longer then most heterosexual relationships. I call bullshit. If you had Marci but where tempted by Jonathon’s nice house, nice job, nice car and rocking latest threads then you never deserved marci in the first place. End of story.

    I always was optimistic about love. But honestly I’m not sure it’s something people are actually capable of anymore. People are too shallow. Too selfish.

    • Yes William It Is So true, I do want to stay single either but do not want to get hurt, am going through some things with a bi guy, just do not know what to do I love him, but not slept him, we go out and talk, but he just do no know what he wants…

  25. Alexander says:

    Interesting article. But I feel compelled to rebuke it :0 I disagree that it provides any solid answers. If I have learnt one thing about this kind of advice it is simply the bundling up of someone’s insecurities. It should not be taken as a guide for anyone. Example of Poor advice : “Don’t rush into Bed”. I cannot recall of a long term relationship where they exclaimed the reason we are together is because we didn’t fuck on the first. ( excuse my French) If anything I’ve seen people simply form a relationship because they said the sex was so good! Sure some guys could do with holding back but there is no magic answer here. If anything with the age of telecoms we have plenty of opportunity to bond and get to know each other. His first point shows his naïveté ” We don’t believe in dating anymore. As soon as anyone falls victim to we talk they are just pissing all over themselves. Everyone is on there own separate path in Life. What works for one couple or individual may not for another. The rules of engagement have and are changing. Move with the times. The writer would suggest you analyse your bf, take notes on him, his family suss him out lol. Why not hire a private detective while your at it. I always thought trust was the basis of a relationship :0 finally he leaves us with the cliche if you want a relationship don’t look for it. I think the poor Dorethy who wrote this article lost her silver slippers and is trapped in Kansas!

  26. Hey! JW here! Overall, The article sure has its negatives outweighing what can and usually does turn out to be mostly positive in relationships! Through trail and error, relationships thrive and grow espedicially! We as human beings born into this realm of existence many of us agree, argue, or disagree on the ways we “became”. Living life is about feeling emotions, which includes a very long list of emotions. Learning, accepting, appreciating, growing, adhering to do whats consciously and subconsciously. The honest thing to do when it comes to “not hurting myself or others”! We all make mistakes in life but, we also have the ability to learn from, forgive, and do better next time!! Agreed? So, if you love you’re significant other enough and he you. Then live, learn, err, let go, forgive move on, then repeat. We, human beings grow to appreciate everything we’ve experienced. Which allows us to do all we learn to share with another living creature like yourself. And so much more! Living life on lifes terms is all about learning the life cycle of life. A “living creatures”, human perspective! Long life, the positive power of good will toward others. Which than,we reap the rewards of serenity and peace of mind with all! It truly does work.

  27. Garrett Ceriano says:

    Hey there! I found your post to be very inspiring. Ignore the self righteous twats that don’t appreciate what positive effect you wish to have on people with this post. I can’t believe they sat there and read through it all and took absolutely nothing worth while from it. Some commentators drew from their own bitterness and called YOU bitter instead, or pointed out your grammar issues, or just left plain ridiculous comments. I cannot fathom why people that apparently hold you in such low regard would even waste their time commenting…Why do they? It’s because they wished they were doing something constructive with their time like you are but they are trapped in a loop of destruction and it bothers them. It might have also been that something in the post hit home with them and they took it as criticism rather than caring advice. Just ignore them! I liked it. 😀

    • Fernando says:

      Wonderful, that is what I would love to be able to say one day. But will take me three hours to achieve maybe 25% of what you have written in 10 minutes. Yes, I am a non native English speaker and was surprised with those who decide to send a “grammar display” rather than focusing their boring mind in criticising the author

  28. Alfredo says:

    Straight relationships don’t last either anymore….It’s pretty equal.These are different times.I get your points but to me they are valid for both gay and straight.

  29. rudyhou says:

    this is quite true. which is why i’m trying my best to behave and to hold on to the one who sticks by my side and do my best to be good to him.

    • Anikesh says:

      Ian…. A good job done…bravo…I loved the way you have drafted the whole article rather say blog 😉 very meticulously done…liked it and loved.

      However would like to add one thing more…and this is quite personal because this is my personal experience that most of my friendships and good relationships have blossemed from the bed equation which took place between me and the other significant or with my bed mates 🙂 and yes we are still in touch … it depends from person to person and how you want your life to be….we all are destined to somewhere in our whole life span so leave it on destiny..and in due course of time it will find its way…. Thanks….tk cr…!

  30. Azael says:

    Oh man!! You just nailed, this exactly what I need it to reaffirm and most all to remind myself now that I’m dating myself. As you said; there is no one on this earth that could live me more than myself. So true and real that many of us hold into the idea of what should be (the relationship) when in the end I’m just another human with imperfections that is trying his best every single morning when the sunrise shines through my window.
    Love and be kind to others, love and give without expectations until you become love like it is.
    Thanks for that.

  31. Gregory says:

    I am in multiple long-lasting, open relationships. I’m thrilled with my partners and I feel wonderful about my ability to share love/affection with as many men as I so choose.

  32. Kit says:

    You don’t need to look for someone who’s handsome, rich, high cultured, talented or has a well-endowed lower body part (if you get what I meant). All you need is to meet up with one who’s able plus willing to acknowledge, accept & appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Someone who’s really compatible with you in terms of body, mind & soul..

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