I am quite offended by the way some of my readers treat me. As if i should owe them something! LOL I am not a writer, neither a professional one. And i admit i am really not good in my English class. But i still want to share some stories etc. So please please be kind and spare me all your grammar lessons. Thanks!

But here’s where i am proud and good at. Doing stuff like music videos. For those who haven’t seen this, enjoy!

I write to express, not to impress. I hope i made that clear. πŸ™‚



  1. Bob says:

    It is easy to criticize someone especially those whose mother language is NOT English… I understood the article about gay relationship quite well although English is NOT my mother language… I speak several languages and I am happy about that…

  2. Perhaps, then, you should refrain from spouting your digital diarrhea until your English grades pick up.

    If you can’t express yourself with any more clarity than could my seven-year-old nephew, why should I read your posts with any fewer grains of salt than I would one written by my seven-year-old nephew?

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